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Brandon King | Caltech | Oct. 19th, 2006

Mark Shuttleworth - Space Suit


Mark Shuttleworth in space suit

Mark Shuttleworth

Why Ubuntu?

  • "To fix bug #1 of course. I believe that free software brings us into a new era of technology, and holds the promise of universal access to the tools of the digital era. I drive Ubuntu because I would like to see that promise delivered as reality."

    -Mark Shuttleworth

What does the word Ubuntu mean?

Mark Shuttleworth gone Ubuntu


  • root disabled.
  • first user created gets sudo powers.


  • apt-get, dpkg, aptitude
  • higher level
    • Add/Remove Applications (basic method)
    • Adept
    • Synaptic Package Manager
  • Somewhere python-apt fits in
  • Upgrade icon


  • main - Free, fully supported (~4,000 packages)
  • restricted - Non-free, supported (i.e. nVidia/ATI drivers)
  • universe - Free, not supported (disabled by default)
  • multiverse - Non-free, not supported (disabled/hidden by default)


  • Ubuntu - Gnome by default
  • Kubuntu - KDE by default
  • Xubuntu - Xfce by default (light weight gui)
  • Edubuntu - Gnome + KDE apps by default, targets education

Did I mention?

  • Mark Shuttleworth declared that he wants all addition code written for Ubuntu to be written in Python.
  • Even the installer "Ubiquity" is written in Python.
  • Bounties for Bugs
  • Lots of documentation.
  • Free CDs

Getting multimedia working is easy