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SciPy 2008 - Software & Tools STATUS: Day 1 - Thursday: Concluded. Day 2 - Friday: In progress. Astronomy: Enzo [ home ] yt (related to Enzo) [ home | scipy ] Books: Computational Modeling and Complexity Science...


An example of checking out a git tag using Qt 4.6.0... Clone the Qt repository: $ git clone git://gitorious.org/qt/qt.git Show available tags: $ git tag -l output: v4.5.1 v4.5.2 v4.5.3 v4.6.0 v4.6.0-beta1 v4.6.0-rc1 v4.6.0-tp1 Checkout v4.6.0: $...


Building 64-bit/32-bit Debug&Release Universal Build... See my directions on checking out Qt 4.6.0 from the git repository if you do not already have the source code. Launch a Terminal and cd to the source directory. Run configure w/ 64-bit & 32-bit...


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Open Source Screen Record Software

Posted on : 02-05-2006 | By : Brandon W. King | In : Computers/IT, Software Endorsements, Windows

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I have been looking into open source screen recording software for both Windows and Linux. Looks like the current winner for Windows is CamStudio. It currently can save to .avi and .swf (flash)! Also it includes features like audio/video sync through a time shift (requires experimenting).

For Linux there is… [FIXME: look it up and update post].